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Hi, I'm Elizabeth, a storyboard artist and a graduate of USC's BA animation program (class of 2021).
I am passionate about storytelling in all forms, but I find storyboarding the best way for me to express my personal artistic sensibilities, which tend to focus on subtlety, character, old-timey charm, and a slice-of-life approach to high-concept ideas. I could talk for hours about my creative inspirations and influences, such as the films of Powell & Pressburger, Billy Wilder, Frank Capra, Preston Sturges, Ernst Lubitsch, Jacques Demy, and Alfred Hitchcock; the literature of F. Scott Fitzgerald and E.M. Forster; and the art of Sargent, Rockwell, Caravaggio, Bernini, and classic animation greats, such as Marc Davis and Eyvind Earle. Aside from reading and watching Old Hollywood movies, I also love video editing, creative writing, collecting old prints of books, watching baseball, puzzle adventure games, and my family and friends.
*Recruiters can email me for the password to my professional work!
Thank you!
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